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POLY REPS bring together students from different colleges, majors and backgrounds with one common thread - they love to promote and support Cal Poly! To learn more about our members, click on their name in the list below.



Poly Reps is composed of six committees. Each member of Poly Reps serves on one of these six committees for a full academic year. At the end of every spring quarter, the organization holds an election for chair member positions on the Executive Board. The executive board oversees each of the following committees:

  • Alumni Committee
  • Campus Tours
  • Communications and Publicity
  • New Member Recruitment
  • School Visits and Presentations
  • Special Events

MEMBERS 2016-17

Mariam Alamshahi (JOUR 6/17)
Jenna Baer (SE 12/17)
Shirin Beroukhim (COMS 6/18) 

Anna Kei Black-Hogins (CD 6/17) - President

Riley Brant (ARCH 6/20)
Dan Cardiff (CD 6/18)
Rachael Carroll (SOC 6/17) - Alumni Chair
Maggie Conaway (ENGL 12/18)
Nick Culine (BUS 6/19)
Casey Garrett (BUS 6/18)
Kayla Granados (SOC 6/17)
Greg Golf (BUS 12/16)
Joey Halabrin (POLS 6/18) - New Member Recruitment Chair
Rachel Hess (BMED 6/17) - Special Events Chair
Aditya Joshi (BUS 6/18)
Alex Kanter (BUS 6/18)
Cody Koelzer (RPTA 6/16)
Claire Lorentz (BUS 6/18)
Myra Lukens (SE 6/16)
Chris Lunger (ECON 6/17) - School Visits and Presentations Chair
Sophie Marsh (PSYCH 6/17) 
Allison Martinez (JOUR 12/19)
Thomas McClelland (CE 6/18) 
Matthew Medlin (JOUR 6/17) - Tours Chair
Lindsay Mitchell (GrC 6/17) - Communication and Publicity Chair
Jack Morton (BUS 6/18)
Samantha Pryor (JOUR 6/17)
Kelly Reimus (KINE 6/18)
Brannon Smudz (ME 6/19)
Michaela Thorn (WVIT 6/18) 
Jacob Torrey (ME 6/19)
Jesse Vallejo (POLS 6/18)
Haley Warner (AGC 6/18)
Madi Weise (COMS 6/19)
Marco Zuniga (ARCE 6/18)


Admissions Office: Aaron Borgeson (POLS '13) (aborgeso@calpoly.edu
Alumni Office: Christine McBride (BUS '89) (chmcbrid@calpoly.edu)

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Important Dates

  • September 22: Fall Term Classes Begin
  • November 11: Veterans Day Observed
  • November 7: Poly Rep Applications Available
  • November 21 - 27: Academic Holiday
  • January 17: Poly Rep Applications Due!


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"Abe Lincoln once said 'Make sure your feet are in the right place, then stand firm.' Good advice Mr. Lincoln but it is way more challenging to walk backwards"   — Joey Halabrin, (Political Science '18, Poly Reps)