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PolyRep Exec Lindsay MitchellExecutive Committee

The Poly Reps Executive Board are the seven students that lead POLY REPS. Their duties include determining the direction of the organization as a whole, combining resources and communicating across committees, and leading POLY REPS meetings. Exec consists of one chair for each of the six committees, as well as the President of the club. The exec board is elected by the entire organization during Spring quarter.


Joey Halabrin

President - Joey Halabrin

Political Science major, 2018

Campus Involvement: I work at the Recreation Center and I"m part of the greatest club on campus which is Poly Reps.

Hobbies: Winning my fantasy footbal league, winning intramural games, winning at FIFA against Alex Meyer, winning at raquetball against Grant Haug and Tanner Papenfuss, trying to get on President Armstrong's good side, and "runnin' through Poly with my reps" - Drake   

Favorite Quote: "One team, one dream" - Alex Meyer 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 
I would travel to Hawaii on a Friday because Aloha Friday.

Jacob Torrey

Vice President/New Member Recruitment Chair

Jacob Torrey 
(Mechanical Engineering, 2019)​​

 1 person, smiling, standing, tree, plant, outdoor and nature

Communications and Publicity Chair

Sarah Morningred 
(English, 2018)​​

Alex Kanter

Special Events Chair

Alex Kanter 
(Business Administration, 2018)​​

Rachael Carroll

Alumni and Outreach Chair

Haley Warner 
(Agricultural Communications, 2018)​​

Kelly Reimus

School Visits and Presentations (SVP) Chair

Kelly Reimus 
(Kinesiology, 2018)​​

Jack Morton

Campus Tours Chair

Jack Morton
(Business Administration, 2018)​​




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Important Dates

  • November 15: Poly Reps Applications Available
  • January 9: Info Session 1
  • January 10: Info Session 2
  • January 11: Info Sessions 3/4
  • January 16: Poly Reps Applications Due!


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"Abe Lincoln once said 'Make sure your feet are in the right place, then stand firm.' Good advice Mr. Lincoln but it is way more challenging to walk backwards"   — Joey Halabrin, (Political Science '18, Poly Reps)