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Executive Committee

The Poly Reps Executive Board are the eight students that lead POLY REPS. Their duties include determining the direction of the organization as a whole, combining resources and communicating across committees, and leading POLY REPS meetings. Exec consists of one chair for each of the six committees, as well as the President of the club. The exec board is elected by the entire organization during Spring quarter.


Ileana Terrazas (SHE, HER, HERS)

Oakland, CA

Major/ Minor: Business Administration and Marketing Management, Spanish

Campus Involvement: President of Poly Reps, Career peer advisor, OCOB mentor, Women in Business

What is your ideal day in SLO? My ideal day in SLO includes a Lincoln Deli sandwich (Cayucos hot sauce is a MUST), a spontaneous jump in the ocean, watching the sunset from my beautiful porch, and hosting my best friends for a fancy dinner and intensely competitive game night!

Special Events Chair

Lisa Huetter 

Campus Tours Chair

Jenna Riegel


Outreach Chair

Zahnae Aquino 



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  • Becoming a Poly Reps

  Feb 2020: The 2020 interview and selection process is underway. 
  Good luck!


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"Abe Lincoln once said 'Make sure your feet are in the right place, then stand firm.' Good advice Mr. Lincoln but it is way more challenging to walk backwards"   — Joey Halabrin, (Political Science '18, Poly Reps)