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Poly Reps

University Ambassadors

Becoming A Poly Rep

Applying for POLY REPS

POLY REPS currently does not have an open application. We will reopen our application in Fall 2024! 

In the meantime, please use this Google Form to notify you are interested in becoming a Poly Rep. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQX2yluEfKz3lmtR-9IO1GWI4_y-6_yaDofDxkVcTfP6jW4w/viewform

The process includes submission of a written application. A limited number of applicants will be invited to in-person interviews with the New Member Recruitment and Selection committee.

Step 1: Read the PDF application instructions and access questions below

Step 2: Fill out the online Poly Rep application form. Applicants must fill out the application form using their Cal Poly email address to gain access.

Step 3: Upload your essay responses as a PDF document without any identifiable information using the form below (question #20).

Info Sessions:

We strongly encourage you to attend a Poly Reps application info session to learn more about our organization, and to ask any questions you may have with a current Poly Rep!


POLY REPS Selection criteria

  • Dedication to group and time commitment (approx. 10-20 hrs. each month, including 2+ tours per month, bi-weekly meetings, & committee participation)
  • Sincere desire to represent Cal Poly
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Effective speaking ability
  • Ability to make a positive first impression 
  • Ability to adapt to a variety of situations
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative grade-point average, full-time student, at least one year of coursework remaining

Although hard work and commitment are required, much of the individual participation in activities can be worked around the Poly Rep’s class and study schedule.

Recruitment Calendar 2023-2024

Application live: Tuesday, October 10th 2023

Applications Due: Tuesday, November 7th 2023 by 11:59 PM online at polyreps.calpoly.edu

First Round Interviews: Jan.14-15th, 2024

Second Round Interviews: Jan. 27-28th, 2024

APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED for the 2023-2024 Calendar Year


Please check back in Fall 2024 for the new application cycle!


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Important Dates

  • Becoming a Poly Reps

October 2024: Applications released
November 2024 (11:59 PM): Applications Due
Jan - Feb 2025: In-Person interviews


Poly Reps Quote

"Abe Lincoln once said 'Make sure your feet are in the right place, then stand firm.' Good advice Mr. Lincoln but it is way more challenging to walk backwards"   — Joey Halabrin, (Political Science '18, Poly Reps)