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Join Poly Reps and be a leader on campus. Learn more about the Executive Committee by clicking the link below.

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Find out about becoming part of the Poly Reps Family.

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Join The Club

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Official University Ambassadors

POLY REPS is a voluntary, public relations organization of 36 students who assist in the promotion of Cal Poly to prospective students and their parents, alumni, potential donors, and friends of the university. 

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Important Dates

  • Becoming a Poly Reps

  Feb 2020: The 2020 interview and selection process is underway. 
  Good luck!


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Poly Reps Quote

"Abe Lincoln once said 'Make sure your feet are in the right place, then stand firm.' Good advice Mr. Lincoln but it is way more challenging to walk backwards"   — Joey Halabrin, (Political Science '18, Poly Reps)